Providing a safe, happy, secure and stimulating environment
in which children can grow, develop and learn

Mungarra Kindergarten is a unique, 25 place long-daycare centre that specialises in early childhood education and care for children aged 18months- 5 years in St Ives. Our child centered program offers:

Stimulating play-based learning experiences that reflect children’s interests Inspiring and meaningful learning environments A holistic approach to learning that recognises each child’s existing knowledge and culture A Pre-school programme to prepare children for successful school transitions. A highly qualified, stable educator team who are committed to early education. Low educator to child ratios and small group sizes which provide children with individualised education and care and reduced sickness.

At Mungarra we view children as resourceful, capable and rich in potential. We strongly believe that children need to be provided with opportunities that allow them to demonstrate their capabilities and grow in their independence.

We create stimulating learning environments that nurtures each child’s natural curiosities by providing opportunities for all children to be inspired, to make discoveries and foster a life- long love of learning.

We believe that children learn through play and are influenced by their social environment as they test their ideas, challenge each others thinking and build new understandings about their world.

At Mungarra we understand the importance of creating and maintaining genuine and meaningful relationships with each child and working in partnership with each child’s family. Our educators recognise that secure relationships help children to grow and develop the confidence to express themselves, explore new things and take calculated risks in their learning.

At Mungarra we acknowledge the Guringai ancestry by respecting their heritage and culture. We continue to understand their relationship with their land by adopting a sense of wonder and appreciation for our environment. At Mungarra we are working alongside the children and the community towards a more sustainable future.

The Environment as the Third Teacher

In response to contemporary early childhood theories and research we recognise and value the environment as the ‘third teacher’. The environment alongside educators and families can influence how and what children learn. Our purpose-built environment invites exploration and challenges children as active and involved learners.

Our holistic approach demonstrates our understanding of the interconnectedness of children’s learning. Learning environments are meaningful, flexible and responsive to the children’s interests and passions.

Family Grouping

Research shows that children learn from and with others. This is particularly evident during family grouping where reciprocal learning relationship are formed as younger children observe how to perform new skills and extend their thinking whilst older children’s social wellbeing is enhanced as they develop in their confidence and self-esteem.

Small Group Size

We believe that low educator to child ratios enhances quality of interactions to ensure positive learning for all children. Our program features three groups that differ according to developmental appropriateness

  • Barn Owls 18 months- 2 1/2)
  • Snowy Owls (21/2years – 31/2years)
  • Chestnut Owls (Pre-schoolers)

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